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Introducing Mail Manager Monthly

Introducing Mail Manager Monthly...

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In these uncertain times, we are fully committed to helping all firms adapt to the ever-changing business landscape, especially with more people working from home than ever before and projects continually being delayed or restarted. Therefore, we are delighted to announce Mail Manager Monthly, where you can get Mail Manager on a monthly, cancel-anytime subscription, to instantly ensure business continuity and get better access to project information across the business. Mail Manager Monthly requires no commitment, no hidden costs, and you can cancel any time. Plus, we will waive any implementation costs making getting started a breeze.

Mail Manager is an easy-install Outlook add-in that can be set up and running within 24-hours, helping connect remote teams and ensuring business continuity by improving project and information visibility across the business. The Mail Manager add-in allows staff to file, archive and retrieve project information from a centralised location, so all project leads can see what is going on, there is a strong audit trail, MDs can have peace of mind, collaboration is made easier, and email management is standardised across the business.

Around 5 businesses are implementing Mail Manager each week so don't miss out! Check out our features page here for more on what Mail Manager can offer and our built-in integrations with platforms such as Viewpoint and SharePoint. Plus see our guide on implementing Mail Manager in uncertain times here.



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