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The amount of information residing within email is growing by the day. Every day, employees are sending and receiving hundreds of important project and client emails, a lot of which contains sensitive or commercial information.  

This information is essentially data, all of which can be used against you in the future. Whether that is a court dispute or a data protection violation. Unmanaged email represents potentially hundreds of silos of data that have no oversight over them at all. That means nobody is checking if they are breaking any regulations or rules, or if people are leaving commercially sensitive information locked within local inboxes. This is particularly important when someone leaves the business, as this data needs to be managed.  

Additionally, emails need to be managed in a secure and controlled manner, with strong privacy protocols and security controls. Ideagen Mail Manager doesn't host any data and maps to our customers' existing security infrastructure, meaning emails are filed where the customer wants, and nobody can see sensitive information if they don't have access to. 

Ideagen Mail Manager

Works within your existing security infrastructure and can be up and running within 24 hours

Ensures important information is securely filed into the right location, with tight privacy controls

Integrates storage solutions such as SharePoint, Viewpoint, Procore and more, meaning you file to where your business files

Why Ideagen Mail Manager?

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"We went from having an unorganised situation with people filing in an undisciplined manner, to having all of our information properly stored in a secure central location."
Gary Barlow
Partner, Levy Real Estate
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"It's an intelligent tool, with good AI behind it, by suggesting where to save certain files, and what you get compared to what you pay, it's not an expensive tool. It's security for small investment."
Alicia Celliers
Mechanical Project Engineer, Single Destination Engineering

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