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Levy Real Estate

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“We went from having an unorganised situation with people filing in an undisciplined manner, to having all of our information properly stored in a secure central location."

Gary Barlow, Partner

Levy Real Estate

Industry: Property

Location: UK

Website: https://www.levyrealestate.co.uk/

levy real estate logo
Key benefits:
  • Simple, searchable email
  • Secure, centralised information storage
  • Major time savings for employees


Levy Real Estate is a leading London-based property consultancy, providing expert guidance on property across the capital. Its cutting-edge knowledge and expertise of the industrial, retail, leisure and residential markets ensure it offers a complete service of capital transactions, leasing, development, lease advisory and building consultancy. The firm’s client case includes major institutions, investors, developers and property companies.

The problem

Levy Real Estate first turned to Mail Manager over 7 years ago when it realised that important information was spread across multiple employees’ desktops. This made it impossible for staff to quickly find the information they needed and became particularly problematic when their colleague went on holiday or left the firm.

As Gary Barlow, a Partner at Levy Real Estate, explains: “In many circumstances, the IT department had to be contacted to find the information stored on the computer of an ex-colleague.”

This situation was not only frustrating for employees, but it was also extremely time-consuming and could create problems in situations where the business needed to quickly access vital project information.

The solution

To address this issue, Levy Real Estate deployed Mail Manager’s Outlook add-in tool. The software ensures that emails, project correspondence and vital corporate information no longer get locked away on employees’ desktops. Information is automatically filed to the most appropriate folder and stored in a secure centralised location that is accessible by all employees at any time.

Mail Manager’s AI-powered software ensures employees can find the information they need in just a couple of seconds. It enables anyone with the right access levels to discover any email sent or received across the company. This means no more delays or project hold-ups. It also ensures there’s no need for staff to bother the IT department as a result of their colleagues going on holiday or leaving the business.

Levy Real Estate now

Levy Real Estate immediately noticed major differences when they made the decision to deploy Mail Manager seven years ago.

As Gary explains: “We went from having an unorganised situation with people filing in an undisciplined manner, to having all of our information properly stored in a secure central location. Another big change was the ease with which we were able to discover information. Staff no longer had to ask a colleague or call in the IT team to rescue the project details or email that they needed.”

The firm now has a simple, automated process in place that enables staff to easily discover emails and find the information they need. Furthermore, Levy Real Estate employees now have clear and clean inboxes and all their data is stored in a secure location.

Describing the effect that using the software has had for Levy Real Estate, Gary said: “You can summarise Mail Manager as simple and searchable.”

levy real estate
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