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LiRo Group

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“If I had to pick one piece of software to use on a daily basis it would be Mail Manager versus everything else, it enhances our lives, it makes work pleasurable and takes the stress out of searching for the lost information.”
Mike Smith, Senior Vice President

LiRo Group

Industry: Construction

Location: US

Website: https://www.liro.com/

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Key benefits:
  • Project visibility across the entire team
  • Ease of use and intuitive nature
  • Saves a significant amount of time


Michael A. Smith is a Senior Vice President who has been in the company for ten years heading up the Engineering Design Division at LiRo. Jonah Allaben is an Associate Vice President with the company for over six years and manages the MEP design group at LiRo.

Provide design for clients, ranked as top 100 MEP giants in the USA.


The LiRo Group is an award-winning Integrated Construction, Design, and Technology Solutions’ firm, consistently ranking among the U.S.’s top companies in a variety of sectors, founded in 1984, they are well-versed in sustainability best practices, evolving Building Information Modeling (BIM) technologies, and risk analysis.

With a broad range of public and private sector clients, from villages and developers to major state agencies. LiRo’s knowledge in transportation, infrastructure, and public building projects has led to their involvement with some of the country’s top projects and landmarks, including the post-9/11 rebuilding of Lower Manhattan, the Number 7 Subway Line Extension, East Side Access, Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at the University at Buffalo, and the High Line Park.

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The problem

The MEP group at LiRo were part of an acquisition and started looking for a way to organize their emails, due to the sheer volume of emails which went unfiled. To address this, they tried an extensive Document Management system that wasn’t fit for purpose or well adopted. When Jonah Allaben started working at LiRo, he introduced Mail Manager as he had previously used it.

Prior to this, there was a concern of having to find an email relating to current or completed projects. Not only that, but also time was being wasted organising and filling information which was impacting the performance of the business, and an over reliance of staff to manually file emails.

LiRo’s after Mail Manager

As soon as they implemented our software, Michael Smith realized it was a lightweight solution that accomplished exactly what they needed, all relevant correspondence in a central location, and everyone had access to information with searching capabilities superior to Outlook. Mail Manager saves fee earner’s time and means anyone on a project has visibility of what they need to see.

Michael said, “We just fell in love, and the more we used it, the more powerful it became, it saved us so many times. Whether I was in a client meeting, working remotely, or covering for a colleague, I was able to go to Mail Manager and quickly see where the project was and respond in real-time to our client’s needs, jumping on any project at any time. So, this has supported us in providing an improved service to clients.”

Jonah explained, “On the first day I was working at LiRo, I was missing something, when I just had Outlook and realized how spoilt I was in having Mail Manager previously. It is directly integrated into our system, and it is one of the most critical programs that we use. In this era of transitioning from paper to digital records, having a formalization of how you issue the documents is critical. With Mail Manager, we can keep track of everything that comes out of the company, so no matter what situation you face, you have a record that you can access in seconds.”

LiRo’s being able to predict which project an email is related to is essential and staff filing in real-time means they have consistent records. Michael added, “The integration between Microsoft, Windows, and Mail Manager is amazing. It has changed the way we operate.”

With a small learning curve, there’s no training required, and we were set up in a day, new staff can be up and running quickly, and have access to all information saved since day one. Jonah said, “It is so easy, you don’t need to be a computer savvy to understand, that’s every Architect and Engineer’s dream, that people jump in and can use it.”

With Mail Manager, the staff has time to focus on core business functions, which has shown in improved efficiency, productivity, results, and client feedback. They both said, “If I had to pick one piece of software to use on a daily basis, it would be Mail Manager versus everything else, it enhances our lives, it makes work pleasurable and takes the stress out of searching for the lost information.”

Having all these benefits in the company makes the software indispensable in LiRo’s workflow, so Michael advised, “If you are thinking about it, try it out, it pays for it self very quickly and many times over the year, and there are many benefits of having all information at your fingertips, enhances collaboration and efficiency across your team platform and will generate more sales in the future.”

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