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“Mail Manager is a robust, reliable and efficient filing system that makes all project emails accessible to everyone in the team with the powerful search facility.”
Quentin Hulm, Managing Director - Cornelsen


Industry: Environmental Services

Location: United Kingdom

Website: https://www.cornelsen.co.uk/

Key benefits

  • Reduces the business’s exposure to risk by retrieving agreements and important correspondence within a few clicks.
  • Improves team collaboration and helps ensure that everyone is aware of the latest developments. 
  • Keeps all project and company-related emails consistently organised and available to the entire company based on permission levels. 
Cornelsen Water Treatment


Cornelsen was founded eighteen years ago and is a subsidiary of Cornelsen Umwelttechnologie GmbH. Cornelsen is a mechanical-electrical engineering firm that deals with contaminated land remediation and contaminated water treatment.  

The problem

Cornelsen had previously been using Goldmine to file company emails, however being a CRM solution rather than an email management tool, most of the functions offered were redundant. When Goldmine moved to a subscription model, the cost became too expensive, so Managing Director Quentin decided to search for an alternative better suited to the business’s needs. They tried a range of email management systems on the market but found that everything available lacked the full range of capabilities that Cornelsen required. The business needed a solution that allowed teams to collaborate and effortlessly file emails into specific project folders, but that also made searching for historical correspondence easy.

When Quentin came across Mail Manager, he finally found what the company needed. Quentin liked that Arup had developed Mail Manager to solve a similar headache for themselves around managing projects and emails, so he felt Mail Manager was the excellent fit for Cornelsen. 

The results

Quentin has been filing his emails for over 25 years but has found that Mail Manager helps him remain organised. “It would be absolute chaos if we didn’t have an email management system such as Mail Manager! Emails would be stuck in different email inboxes and not filed in a way that is accessible to everyone.” 

The whole team can now file all project-related and company emails into a folder that is instantly retrievable to everyone with relevant permissions within a few clicks. Multiple people can now work on a project simultaneously. It is easy for collaborators to view conversations that have already occurred and be kept up to speed with the most recent developments.  

One of Quentin’s favourite features is the search tool, as it allows staff to find any historic email regardless of where it was filed with just a few keywords. Quentin has also found Mail Manager’s integration with SharePoint particularly beneficial to the business. At first, they found the integration with SharePoint quite complex, but with Mail Manager’s help, the implementation team configured Mail Manager in a personalised way based on how Cornelsen likes to work. When a new job folder is created, it is now automatically saved to Cornelsen’s chosen location, and SharePoint automatically generates a set of required folders for drawings, emails, and other essential data ready to be automatically filed into. 

Quentin’s advice to other businesses is “Get Mail Manager! Look very carefully at how and where you store emails and talk to Mail Manager about the most efficient way of storing these, as in most cases, Mail Manager can optimise the way you file emails. Even if you don’t have a filing system in place, Mail Manager has the capability of taking all your legacy emails, indexing them, and filing them into a new management system.” 

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