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Olvera Advisors

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"Implementing Mail Manager has dramatically reduced both our time and cost of day-to-day document management in our office."

Kate Barnet, Principal

Olvera Advisors

Industry: Consulting

Location: Australia

Website: https://olveraadvisors.com/

Key benefits
  • Facilitated move to a paperless office
  • Seamless whole of office access to documents and search functions
  • Increased staff production - fee earners aren't wasting time searching for documents and information
  • Increased staff happiness by reducing frustration associated with document management issues
Olvera Architects - case study


Olvera Advisors is a Sydney-based management consultancy firm established in mid-2020. Olvera specialise in helping businesses to reset and grow. Focussing on stressed and distressed Small Caps and SME’s, Olvera Advisors provide tangible solutions to complex problems. They operate in small, senior teams to support and supplement clients’ internal management, bringing with them real industry experience along with strategic turnaround skills that turns uncertainty to their clients’ advantage.

The problem

Olvera Advisors made the decision to implement Mail Manager at the early stages of their business. They recognised early on the need for a tool that would take control of their emails and protect their business for the future. A key component of the firms’ business is highly regulated statutory appointments, including liquidations and voluntary administrations. So, the business needed to implement appropriate document management and retrieval systems and processes.

Kate Barnet, Principal at Olvera commented, “Mail Manager is an integral part of our document management system. As we are often involved in litigation and regulatory issues, we needed a system that gave us complete confidence. Implementing Mail Manager enabled us to be able to significantly reduce the amount of time and effort spent in searching and retrieving documents. ”

The results

Olvera Advisors’ drive behind deciding to implement Mail Manager was very proactive. Having previously worked in large, mid-market management consulting firms, Kate understood the potential errors that could occur from poorly managed emails. She explained, “We’re a paperless office, and we don’t have any paper document files. Emails are a critical part of our client files, so email tracking history is a key part of our documentation process. Being able to find this information quickly is key to our business. This is the reason why Mail Manager is a natural fit for us.”

The firm was first introduced to Mail Manager by their IT consultant who had been using Mail Manager with other clients. When evaluating the different solutions on the market, Olvera knew that one specific criterion needed to be met: it needed to be simple. Kate explained, “If it becomes too cumbersome for people to do it, then they won’t do it, and the system fails. It needs to be simple, and the key to simplicity is that it needs to be something they don’t really think about. What makes Mail Manager’s email filing quite a good system is that our staff don’t even realise they’re doing it, I think that’s the key to the system working, nothing falls through the cracks.”

The main benefits Olvera have experienced since implementing Mail Manager across the business is that the office is completely paperless, and they are able to meet their compliance obligations.

“In terms of risk and compliance, Mail Manager has really satisfied the record-keeping compliance issues that we have, but I think more importantly from the client perspective as well. The level of efficiency has increased tenfold. It makes no sense for staff to be searching for an email for four hours a day. The increased efficiency is really paramount from a business and a client perspective and the compliance and documentary evidence from our perspective is really the key benefit.”

“It takes the frustration out of my day. Having to deal with not being able to find information is incredibly frustrating, so by effectively getting rid of that, for me, that just makes my work life a little bit easier.”

When asked what advice Kate would give anyone considering Mail Manager, she said, “It all comes back to efficiency. We don’t have to rely on people manually saving emails into client files and the search functions make email retrieval a breeze. Mail Manager cuts through these issues because the information is all collated and easily searchable. It just makes our work life a lot easier because we are not spending all day searching for information.”

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