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"Before Mail Manager, searching through old Outlook files and searching for project emails sometimes took half an hour every time."

Stephanie Valle, Operations Manager

BAAM Consulting

Industry: Consulting

Location: Australia


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Key benefits
  • Powerful search to find information within seconds
  • Improved email admin with the prompt to file emails when sending
  • Able to easily retrieve old files if employees are no longer working on projects


BAAM Consulting was launched in 2002 and provides a specialist and professional building audit and maintenance service to the strata title and commercial markets. Based in Australia, their goal is to help clients protect and maximise the value of their biggest asset – their property.

Grahame Vile, CEO, and Stephanie Valle, Operations Manager at BAAM Consulting, shared their journey to implementing Mail Manager after seeing the inefficiencies of managing business emails.


The problem

Stephanie said: "When looking at other businesses, you see the inefficiencies of managing emails. You waste so much money in timesheets looking for such emails. The biggest challenge was employees leaving and trying to get back on track on the existing projects. You'd have to open that old archived email folder and search through there, and we all know how difficult it is to find anything in Outlook archives. That was a major time-waster." 

Grahame added about the continuity of the paper trail being the biggest hassle: "We always had a clear policy but didn't constantly police it. The approach is that the email is the envelope and there should be a document that goes inside the email. People frequently had their own unique saving system, which is impossible to track, especially if you had to go back to the job three or five years ago. We saw Mail Manager would kill that pain and emails will get put where they are meant to go."

Stephanie said one of the most significant criteria for adopting Mail Manager was the ability to file emails as you're sending them: "Previously, staff would go away, say they’ll file things at the end of the day, and then they’ll get busy with other things so nothing would ever get filed. So being able to file as you go was the big selling point of Mail Manager."

The results

Grahame said: "I'm more confident now that critical emails won't be lost. This is vital for if we get audited or get a subpoena around some of those projects. I'll be able to find those files quickly, whereas previously there were gaps."

“Mail Manager provides more efficient admin of the email world, as well as higher confidence in the integrity of our filing system."

Grahame summarised that his favourite feature is the prompt functionality that prompts him to file to the correct location as he’s sending an email. Stephanie finished by saying: "The Mail Manager search function is such a great thing to have. That's why we looked into it."

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