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When it comes to compliance and email management, most of the businesses we speak to are focusing on two things: Quality and ISO 9001.

Businesses are either trying to incorporate better email management as part of how they deal with client requests and information, or those who have processes already around managing email are trying to ensure those processes are being followed.

Ideagen Mail Manager standardises email management across the business and helps ensure stringent processes are adhered to, such as email retention policies. You don't have a process if everyone is doing it differently, and email is the one thing in the business everyone typically manages differently.

Ideagen Mail Manager

Removes the chances of people deciding not to file something that should be filed

Intelligently automates where emails should be filed

Standardises filing conventions, such as manual naming processes

Why Ideagen Mail Manager?

"Everything you send is being filed straightaway, and you're doing it as you go. It's easier to file than not to. I also think the search function is very good. The search filters make it really easier to view correspondence by location, time, project and more."
Martin McKeith
Architectural Adviser, Health Service Executive
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"We simply would have lacked the proper email audit trail needed to achieve ISO 9001 accreditation without Ideagen Mail Manager."
Jamie Seabrook
IT Manager, JNP Group
"Many people rely upon it to bring a little sanity to their projects when dealing with or trying to manage compliance."
John DiCamillo
Regional CIO of Americas, Arup
john mccall architects
"For some time, we have been very aware that email is both a critical communication medium and record-keeping problem. A couple of years ago we decided that we needed to have a better way of keeping email in a job-based filing system. We used MS Outlook Public Folders to do this in the first instance, but this was never considered to be a satisfactory solution. As part of our ISO 9001 QA research, we recognised that it is very difficult to manage email and to ensure that copies of all critical email are actually stored correctly. Along with this, multiple copies of emails were being stored, which makes the finding of email a bit more complicated when searching back for historical documents. Having tested Ideagen Mail Manager across the practice we decided that it provides a simple, robust and effective means of dealing with email."
Colin Usher
Director, John McCall Architects

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