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Abrahams Dresden

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“I really am an Evangelist when it comes to a paperless office and indeed Mail Manager.”

Russell Abrahams, Senior Partner

Abrahams Dresden LLP

Industry: Legal

Company Size: 20 Employees

Location: United Kingdom

Market: United Kingdom

Website: www.ad-solicitors.co.uk

Key benefits
  • Helping transition to a paperless office
  • Being able to quickly locate documents and emails
  • Reducing significant storage costs and space


Abrahams Dresden LLP is a driven, enthusiastic, approachable and commercially aware firm of solicitors. Established in 1995, they provide high quality legal services, specialising in Property, Dental, Litigation, Debt Recovery, Employment, Matrimonial and Company Commercial. Abrahams Dresden LLP work with an ethical code to “treat others as you would like others to treat you”.  In addition to competitive rates, they aim to give clear advice in a friendly and efficient way, with an informality which is unusual amongst lawyers.

The problem

Russell Abrahams from Abrahams Dresden LLP was struggling to find documents or emails quickly due to excessive paperwork and files. Prior to Mail Manager, the firm used to print off emails which were filed in a paper-based filing system, which proved time consuming to find at a later date and cost a great deal in storage space.

The results

Abrahams Dresden found getting set up with Mail Manager was very easy and straightforward. Using the “file and send” automatic prompt within Mail Manager  made the filing of important emails quick and easy. And, using the fast and powerful “search” feature has saved them time and made viewing archived emails really simple.

Many of the Abrahams Dresden LLP team found Mail Manager great and easy to use. Russell found that the benefit of storing papers electronically was life changing in terms of access wherever he working. He also found that the cash savings on storage space more than paid for the cost of Mail Manager. He was also impressed with Mail Manager’s competitive price and the fact that it has also helped them transition to a paperless office.

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