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Email Management for Enterprise Firms

Designed for bigger businesses

In bigger businesses, drowning under the volume of email, email is probably the one thing everyone manages differently. But with so much sensitive and commercial information within, email presents a massive productivity drain across a large workforce and a significant risk from not being able to find business-critical correspondence. The problem for bigger businesses looking to invest in business improvement initiatives is that the vast majority of systems represent these hurdles:

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Staff don't use it

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Involves too much disruption


Takes too long to implement

The challenges faced by bigger businesses are as great as any other, in that their staff can be:

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Drowning under the volume of email


Just as less likely to file commercially sensitive information


Spending valuable time on administration tasks searching for information

What’s worse is a dispute has the potential to have a devastating effect, and we know the value of strong and available evidence for difficult conversations around project scope, agreements, variations, to name but a few of the things we all have to regularly rely on.

How is Mail Manager different for Enterprise businesses?


Rapid deployment, up and running in 90 minutes compared to longer change management initiatives


Cost effective solution

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Able to integrate with your existing platform

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“From a financial perspective, we have effectively saved ourselves in excess of $10,000 in storage costs and we continue to save staff countless hours associated with e-discovery. Since the AEC market, by nature, is highly litigious, Mail Manager also reduces our risk through improved legal compliance.”
Michael Kenealy
VP and CFO

“Software comes and goes within Ramboll, but there has never been a substitute for Mail Manager.”

Abhinav Singh
Global Procurement Consultant

"Because of the nature of work I do, I must have every email from the last 10 years at hand. We’ve always been taught and trained that the risk is too big not to have that information.”

Mark Behrmann
Principal Associate

“We calculated that by implementing Mail Manager, the weekly savings would be enormous compared to the cost of the software per person per day making it a 'no brainer' decision to implement.”

Monica Parrot
Quality Manager

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