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Productivity & Collaboration

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Email is a proven workplace stressor and productivity drain. Too often, fee earners are wasting valuable time on clunky email archiving processes or searching for email information and teams working unproductively as they don't have access to the right information. 

Ideagen Mail Manager helps connect teams, improving the visibility of correspondence across the business. Additionally, Ideagen Mail Manager's 365 Mobile App means staff can file and find emails on the move, drastically accelerating the time it takes to adhere to information management processes as well as find important information.  

Ideagen Mail Manager

Reduces the amount of time required for time-intensive manual filing and makes any email searchable within three clicks

Connects remote teams by providing access to the right information, regardless of if they were cc'd into the original email

Improves team transparency and information visibility across the board

Why Ideagen Mail Manager?

"I am a huge advocate of Ideagen Mail Manager. The primary benefit for me is the confidence it gives me. Confidence that I can find information when I need to. We work with many different teams within the business, so we are constantly needing to find information from different discussions, and we need to do it quickly. I need to know that anyone in my team can quickly find the same information. Everyone can see all conversation history."
Faith Wainwright
Director and a leader of Arup University, Arup
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"Ideagen Mail Manager is the Google equivalent for searching my emails."
Sean DeCoster
Principal, CSDG
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"It's proved itself to be a worthwhile solution that people use daily to do their job more productively and efficiently."
Kevin Hicks
Vice President of IT, MJ Harris
"It saves around 10 to 20% of staff time, improving efficiency from staff looking into emails, which means they can now respond on the call instead of having to search for information and get back later on, allowing the ability to work very quickly over the phone."
Geoff Claughton
Managing Director, BarTax
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"Personally, for me it saves at least an hour a day. That applies for most senior staff. It was difficult to find information I wasn't copied in and now it's simple and I can find it within seconds. Also, there's no need to keep looking for the right place to save as it predicts it. Plus, it only saves one copy, even if 10 different people save the same email, so our archiving space has really been dropping off."
Brian Falconer
Principal, Severud Associates
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"In the past, if I wanted to talk to my colleague I just had to turn and ask him. But now it's not that simple anymore, even with Teams, as we aren't in the same place and can't ask a colleague that sits next to you. Ideagen Mail Manager has become even more relevant in giving more mobility functionality."
David Allen
Partner, Lucking + Clark Engineers

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