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The Dark Side of Email Management: Using Email as a Force for Good

If your business sends and receives vast amounts of emails every day, and the contents within those emails are business-critical, it's time to defeat the Dark Side of email management once and for all!


Unifying your information: The need for a Single Source of Truth

The key to turning scattered information into a Single Source of Truth while protecting your most sensitive information is implementing robust information management processes, such as automated filing and a Document Management platform.


Making email work better for construction projects

While technology and software have advanced dramatically over the last few years, email is still the most commonly used communication and collaboration tool in the AEC industries. But think about what your inbox looks like at the moment. How many unread emails do you have? And how easy is it for you to locate the project information you need?


Transforming the ROI of Project Information Management

Project information management doesn't need to be expensive and clunky. Arup developed another way, which is simple, cost-effective and brings their project information and critical correspondence into one, central location.


Digital life post-Covid, the challenges with digital adoption and accelerating forwards

Digital life after COVID-19, what's more important now than at the start of the pandemic, and where the challenges lie in digital adoption for businesses.


How to be risk ready and win disputes in a post-pandemic world

Rob Horne, James Morris and Eleanor Greatholder discuss how the 3 main threads of construction (time, quality and cost) will be impacted by the Pandemic and add new dimensions to risks and disputes. Watch to learn how to be prepared for disputes, what a post-Covid climate might look like and the positives we should carry forward from the industry’s experience of working through Covid.


Digital leadership discussion

Salla Palos and Simon Evans join us to discuss: the digital lifecycle, the I in BIM, Digital Twins, connecting systems, how the pandemic accelerated digital transformation and the role digital will play in the move towards NetZero.


Time smart: Reclaim your time and get better control of your project information

Actionable tips on how to increase your productivity, find correspondence faster and free up your fee-earners' time.


The evolving role of email in the post-pandemic world

During this webinar, we explore why email has become increasingly important since the start of the pandemic, the challenges with managing and accessing critical communications, and how to integrate your systems to improve the flow of information.


Keeping up with demand: Doing more with less

Nidaa Alazmeh chats with us about minimising the upheaval and disruption caused by staff leaving the business, learning to live without administration support for email & file management, reducing the amount of overhead time spent by fee earners on admin, and addressing disputes quickly.


Bringing law and order to the information management Wild West

During this webinar, we explore the types of information filers in every business, the risks of unmanaged data, what needs to be included in all-encompassing record management and how AI can improve information visibility and decision-making.


Avoiding project nightmares: What's important when projects go wrong

Vicki Reynolds joins Jacob Wardrop on the Built Environment Networking to discuss how integrating email into your project management helps mitigate project risk, close the communication loop and save you time.


Digital Risk: How to be risk ready and win disputes

Paul Wilkinson, Rob Horne, May Winfield, Vicki Reynolds and Graham Brown join us in a panel discussion to explore the current state of global disputes. They discuss current trends, the importance of audit trails, how to avoid disputes and more!


'Microsoft Teams' and the new way of work

Toby Chisnall, a Microsoft Teams specialist, chats about what systems have to offer, top tips on the best way to use Teams, guidance around what can be added to the platform and how you can integrate email with Teams


Helping project teams survive and thrive through risk-ready email management

Graham Brown, a partner, and part of the Construction Law and Litigation practice groups at Cassels talks about: how companies are coming out of the pandemic stronger, the benefits of systems that track project correspondence, the role of e-mail in projects, and case examples of badly done processes that resulted in increased levels of risk and poor productivity.


When projects go wrong: Project horror stories

We are joined by contract specialist Sarah Fox from the 500-word contract, to look at what happens when projects go wrong and the practical steps to avoid the common mistakes.


Dispute avoidance & management: What happens when projects go wrong?

During this webinar, you will learn the state of play for UK projects and disputes, strategic advice on dispute avoidance and management in relation to projects in the UK, and the role email plays in dispute avoidance and resolution.


The role of email in preventing disputes

In this webinar, you'll learn the pitfalls companies fall into when it comes to disputes, how some businesses are reducing their risk exposure, the impact of disputes, and how email management can help.


Dispute avoidance & management: What happens when projects go wrong? (North America)

During this webinar, you will learn the state of play for North American projects and disputes, strategic advice on dispute avoidance and management in relation to projects in North America, and the role email plays in dispute avoidance and resolution.

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