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Outlook is the biggest communication tool and the letter of today, but everyone manages their email differently, creating risk in years to come.   

Losing or not having access to critical information residing in email presents a risk to the business in years to come. You never know when you will need to find an email to support you in a dispute or a claim.  

Ideagen Mail Manager is what our clients call their 'insurance policy'. You can be sure you'll always be able to rely on an email in court, prove what's happened or who said what, find historical emails from years ago, and control who can access important correspondence.  

Ideagen Mail Manager

Gives immediate control of project and client correspondence

Mitigates the risk of losing sensitive email information, as well as losing claims or disputes

Makes historic emails easily searchable, even if received or sent years back, or if the original sender or recipient has left the business

Why Ideagen Mail Manager?

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"You're in a call with somebody, and you have a dispute over who said what or who agreed to something. I am now able to go into our Ideagen Mail Manager filing system for that project and search within thousands of emails immediately, meaning I can find that smoking email to put the dispute to rest."
David Wesemann
CEO and President, Spectrum Engineers
"Ideagen Mail Manager is an unsung hero which has saved our bacon numerous times, where we have managed to locate emails quickly as evidence of what the client has said, sometimes years ago."
Steve Burton
Associate Director, Ardent Consulting Engineers
"Because of the nature of work I do, I must have every email from the last 10 years at hand. We've always been taught and trained that the risk is too big not to have that information."
Mark Behrmann
Principal Associate, WSP
"Most projects don't go wrong, but if they do, email becomes critical."
BIM Specialist, Arup
Paul Hill

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