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3rdLine Studio

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"Before Mail Manager, it would take hours to find an email, and sometimes if the person didn't file the email it was almost untraceable."

Vanessa Vachon, Partner and Professional Quantity Surveyor at 3rdLine Studio

3rdLine Studio

Industry: Architecture

Location: Canada

Website: www.3rdline.studio

Key benefits
  • Information is accessible by the team when people are on holiday or permanently leave the business
  • Access to all project information even years down the line
  • Less time-intensive to file emails, meaning staff can focus on value-adding work


3rdLine Studio is a mid-sized architectural practice based in Ontario, Canada. Established in 1984, the office has been in practice for over 30 years and offers a full range of architectural services for residential, commercial, institutional and industrial clients.

The problem

3rdLine Studio first started looking into email management as they were looking for a tool that would help the firm file their emails. The firm had a manual drag-and-drop process for staff to file their emails. It was inefficient, and as a result, many staff were not filing information at all, resulting in important project information being lost; Document retention, as it is for many businesses in the space, is critical.

Vanessa Vachon, Partner and Professional Quantity Surveyor at 3rdLine Studio, commented, "Whether it's for legal reasons or things come up on a project 6 months or a year down the line, there is often a need to go back through emails. A lot of our emails are very important to the projects we work on, and we were having trouble getting everybody to file their emails properly. It was very time-consuming."

The results

3rdLine Studio knew they needed a solution that made it easy for staff to file their emails. So, when a consultant they work with highly recommended Mail Manager, they were relieved. Once the software was implemented, it became much easier to file and find emails. Vanessa explained, "Mail Manager allows us to track emails and search through emails within the office, even if somebody has left the business and we're trying to go through project information or data previously sent. It's a lot faster to file emails, and much more efficient."

"The time savings really depend on the user. Some were efficient at saving emails previously, but I was not, so I would spend a weekend after a year of not saving emails going through them all. Mail Manager forces us to do it right away."

Vanessa's advice to other firms considering implementing Mail Manager is, "It's very easy to use. Searching is great, and it makes our time easier when it comes to filing emails."

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