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Our features help you take control of your inbox

Ideagen Mail Manager is an email management add-in for Outlook designed to help project and client-based businesses get control of their email.

We work with businesses where email management affects their ability to manage claims, project disputes, and the productivity of their staff.


Advanced search

Find any project or client email in seconds.

Find any email on any project or client within three clicks, online or offline. We know better than anyone the volume of emails businesses receive. Ideagen Mail Manager's advanced search tool means you can search through two million emails in two seconds.


Prompt and predict

Never worry about someone not filing again.

Ideagen Mail Manager learns your behaviours to help prompt and predict where emails should be filed, meaning emails are filed as and when you send and receive them.

Complimentary to your infrastructure

Ideagen Mail Manager is designed to fit in with your existing IT setup. You retain and store your own data. We integrate with Outlook and you file to where your business files, whether that be a server, a file server, SharePoint, Viewpoint or other storage solutions.

Automated email filing

File older emails you haven't got around to yet with Ideagen Mail Manager's automated email filing assistant! Our Filing Assistant can be customised to ensure emails are never missed.
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Implement Ideagen Mail Manager on live projects or clients by being able to incorporate all of your legacy correspondence easily.
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Rapid deployment

Be up and running with Ideagen Mail Manager in 24-hours. You are able to install the add-in and roll it out across the company in five simple steps. We also offer training and implementation support.

Our integrations

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Ideagen Mail Manager 365 Mobile App

Our mobile application is designed to complement the Ideagen Mail Manager desktop solution by connecting correspondence between office-based and field-based teams, with on-the-go email filing, filing reminders, and file-upon-send capabilities.

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