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Robinson and Hall

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“The main contribution Mail Manager brought to the company was a virtual office where everything can be handled in a paperless way. And filing emails in an organised way was key to achieving this.”

Ian Randal, Practice Manager

Robinson and Hall

Industry: Property

Location: United Kingdom

Website: www.robinsonandhall.co.uk

robinson hall logo
Key benefits:
  • Improved organisation across archived files
  • Supported the transition to a digital environment
  • Accessible information to the whole team


Robinson & Hall, Land and Property Professionals, Mail Manager’s first property client, are a leading regional firm of Chartered Surveyors and Building Surveyors, Auctioneers, Planners and Estate Agents. Founded in 1882, they have developed into a modern multi-disciplinary practice offering a comprehensive range of services. They are well known in the rural community where it all started, but today also deal with residential, commercial property sales and lettings.

The problem

Ian Randal, Practice Manager at Robinson & Hall LLP since 2007, told us about when they added Mail Manager to the company in 2012, when there was more letters and paper correspondence. At the time Robinson & Hall were seeing an increase in email volumes, and that it was getting more difficult to properly store and manage emails only using Outlook.

At the same time many emails were in people’s inboxes and no one could find the information, leading them to look into an email management solution, they searched other companies but Mail Manager was the only one that attended their needs, so once they tried it, they decided to implement, helping them to transition into a more digital environment.

The solution

Since they installed the software, it allowed the company to continue to effectively use a system of networked shared job folders , and Ian said: “The main contribution Mail Manager brought to the company was a virtual office where everything can be handled paperless. And filing emails in an organized way was key to achieve this.”

He told us that the company has to store the original files and messages, and Mail Manager allows that process and the whole email process to be easier for them and organised, he added: “My favourite feature is that you can set up an email naming convention and all emails are saved in the same name format without anyone having to do anything. And no one can change the names. The search function is particularly useful in easily finding and previewing filed emails.”

Ian said from his perspective all companies today should be using something like Mail Manager, as it brings order to everything and it’s especially important with GDPR, so not only property companies need such tool, it can benefit all.

He said, “It does what it says it does, files emails really easily and makes the whole process simpler”. They can now archive in an organized way and find emails easily at any time.

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