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Why email matters?

Years back, employees and
businesses would communicate
by formal letters. These were on
headed paper, printed out, and
mailed. They’d then wait for the
post to be delivered.
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Then came email,

which is now the go-to for all formal correspondence and important communication. With email being the letter of today, that means every person’s inbox in a business is typically full of important written actions, agreements, attachments and more. Plus, with the number of emails being sent and received increasing around the world by the day, today’s inboxes are cluttered and unorganised. They’re chaos. And they’re unsearchable. The result is an overloaded inbox, with information that’s hard to find.

If you’re someone who diligently files and organises emails and is reading this with a smirk on your face, the question you should be asking yourself is, do all my colleagues manage emails the same as me? Almost always the answer is no. While document and record management processes are usually well-oiled, email is the one thing people manage differently. And, if everyone isn’t managing their email, then the business only sees part of the picture. Or they won’t have the full context.

Some will file and organise their inbox diligently, while others don’t organise any and leave tens of thousands in their inbox. For all businesses, that results in a productivity drain trying to find correspondence, low levels of visibility across the business about who said what and when, enhanced risk as emails can be used against them in court, and, for regulated businesses in particular, incomplete audit trails.

Five reasons why email is important to manage today:

Email is the letter of today and contains plenty of important information
Businesses are fed up with everyone doing their own thing in email
Staff are spending valuable time on administrative tasks like searching for information or manually filing emails
Compliance and audit trails are incomplete without proper email management processes
Emails can be used in court against you and those who manage emails and documents better generally win claims and disputes

What does unmanaged email looks like

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If you’re still on the fence about why email is important, ask your self these five questions:

  • Can you access any project or client email within seconds?
  • Can you see all the correspondence on a project or client that you should be able to?
  • Is email the primary method of formal communication for your business?
  • Do you have a regulatory requirement to file or archive emails to a central location?
  • Can you easily search the inbox of staff leavers or does their inbox typically leave with them?

The ROI of investing in an email management solution

The benefits of investing in an email management platform are wide-ranging. While an email management solution might not be front and centre the return on investment includes productivity gains, money saved from disputes, and more. Read our guide on the ROI of better email management here.


Here's why email matters to some of our customers.

Mail Manager helps businesses of all sizes overcome challenges around:



being unable to retrieve all emails across a project or client and meet industry standards. Losing or not having access to critical information residing in email presents a risk to the business in years to come.



believing staff can work more productively by addressing the tool they use the most. Too often, fee earners are wasting valuable time on clunky email archiving processes or searching for email information.



unlocking the project or client information spread across everyone’s individual inboxes, especially with many workers now working remotely.



trying to maintain tight audit and quality controls, especially around ISO 9001.



creating a single source of truth, where all important information is in one place. Ensuring important information and communication is securely filed into the right location, with strong privacy controls.

The best thing? Mail Manager can be up and running within a day, without an IT manager. It’s highly cost-effective with an ROI that pays for itself within a week, and helps to standardise email management overnight.

Let’s face it, nobody likes to spend time filing emails. Don’t worry, Mail Manager does the hard work for you. It’s time to take control of your email with ease – all the intelligence, none of the hassle. Discover more of Mail Manager’s features here:

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