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Azets Group

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“The fact the software has some intelligence behind it is really good. Overall, Mail Manager is simple but very effective.”

Dan Nixon, Head of Transaction Services, Corporate Finance


Industry: Accounting

Location: United Kingdom

Website: https://www.azets.co.uk

azets logo
Key benefits:
  • Saves time when finding historic information
  • Mitigates risk and improves client communications
  • Ensures the consistent organisation of information


Azets was established in the UK in August 2016 and are backed by Hg, one of the UK’s leading private equity investors. Azets is an international accounting, tax, audit, advisory and business services group that delivers a personal experience.

With over 3,500 people across their UK office network, they help companies and organisations of all shapes and sizes, public sector enterprises and high net-worth private clients achieve their personal and business ambitions.

The problem

Dan Nixon, Head of Transaction Services at Azets, said the corporate finance team in the South East saw the simplicity and capability of Mail Manager and instantly decided to adopt it. He said: “It was a reactive purchase. As soon as we got our hands on the solution, we liked it, it delivered what we needed.”

Although it was a reactive purchase, the software was a solution to problems they had such as immediate accessibility to emails when someone goes on holiday, leaves the company or are simply not copied in on an email.

Furthermore, they operate on a client-by-client basis, making filing and searching for emails more complex; with Mail Manager, they can organise emails on clients and projects for each client.

The solution

Nowadays, there is a drive to move communication from email to other solutions, such as Microsoft Teams, in order to keep a more organised and cleaner email inbox. This is improving, but email is still too important and regularly used. Having software like Mail Manager, that allows them to integrate both and access all emails, helps to speed up the process.

Adopting the software allows Azets to keep consistency across the company and ensure all emails are properly organised. Dan explained: “Mail Manager supports our stringent confidentiality with client emails and files. It really helped with saving time, completing my timesheets and managing my day-to-day. I believe we might be underusing Mail Manager, but using it in a simple way makes the day-to-day easier with the filing function.”

He added: “The search function is very effective as it makes life a lot easier to look for old emails or those involving people in past projects and accessing historic emails. Without Mail Manager accessing important information from historic emails takes longer, we could only search our own inbox with a keyword, which would probably bring too many results as it is not a refined searching feature.”

In their business, finding historical information is really important to avoid the risk of giving clients conflicting advice or the same advice twice. It’s a reputational risk. Using the Mail Manager software makes historical information in emails easy to find, and quickly.

One thing that has become increasingly important to Azets is time-saving. One of the key attributes of Mail Manager is the ability to find things faster. Dan added: “I can’t choose a favourite feature, the fact the software has some intelligence behind it is really good. Overall, Mail Manager is simple but very effective.”

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