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Nye Saunders

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"The main benefits of Mail Manager are efficiency and speed. People can work on projects rather than spending large amounts of time mundanely filing emails. It's more efficient, a better use of time and gets the job done."

Denise Fanning, Practice Manager

Nye Saunders

Industry: Architecture

Location: United Kingdom

Website: https://www.nyesaunders.co.uk/

Nye Saunders Logo
Key benefits
  • Increased overall efficiency, with staff able to focus on project work rather than admin
  • Reduced burden of filing important emails - what used to take fee earners many hours per week is now much quicker and easier
  • Audit trails and QA measures are up-to-date and intact
Nye Saunders - project


Nye Saunders are an established small to medium-sized architectural practice based in the UK. The firm work on a range of projects in the residential and conservation sectors, as well as undertaking projects in education, community architecture and Church work.

The problem

Nye Saunders has a team of 10, including architects, practice directors and an administrative team. The entire firm strives to be as paperless as possible, and prior to implementing Mail Manager already had individual job folders set up for each specific project on their computer system.

Nye Saunders’ Practice Manager, Denise Fanning, explained, “We are as paperless as possible, so all job folders are set up on the computer and we do most of our correspondence via email. We have a specific folder for each individual project, and we were finding it quite burdensome to save all our emails. It was taking time to file these emails properly in the correct place to allow them to be found by everyone in the firm. We wanted something to do this more automatically and efficiently.”

Denise and the practice directors found that emails were either staying on their team members' individual PCs, or email filing was falling behind as individuals were focused on their actual workload. Denise explained that staff would often have a backlog of hundreds if not thousands of emails that needed filing, which would take many hours to get through in some instances. What Nye Saunders needed was a way to take control of this administrative task automatically and efficiently.

The results

Nye Saunders were introduced to Mail Manager by an employee who had used the software at a previous organisation. Denise explained that they had done a lot of research, but “there wasn’t much of an alternative other than having their IT consultant write up a bespoke program”, so they gave Mail Manager a try.

Since implementing Mail Manager throughout the organisation, Nye Saunders have experienced a number of benefits. Denise commented, “Previously, filing emails was quite a time-consuming burden and now it is so much easier. Part of our QA system encompasses a need to file emails, so people find it quick and easy because Mail Manager prompts you to file in the right location.”

“People can now work on projects rather than spending large amounts of time mundanely filing emails. It’s more efficient, a better use of time and gets the job done. It really is an efficient way to keep on top of your email filing.”

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