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Posz Law Group

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Posz Law Group

Industry: Legal Services

Location: United States

Website: https://www.poszlaw.com/

Posz Law Group
Key benefits
  • Will save the firm tens of thousands of dollars by ensuring important patent filing dates are met. 
  • No more risk of lost information as critical case information is automatically filled with Mail Manager intuitive filing feature. 
  • Boost in staff productivity as laborious admin jobs have been removed from staff members’ workload. 


Posz Law Group specialise in intellectual property law and often manage hundreds of patent applications for a global client base at any one time. The nature of the work means that the legal team receives hundreds of emails every day, with data rapidly growing to include hundreds of files around just one application. This immense volume means important emails can quickly become lost within as little as an hour.

The problem

The legal data being received was creating an overwhelming amount of tedious admin work and becoming an expensive opportunity for risk. Staff would often forget to file time-sensitive information, which meant that critical patent filing dates would sometimes be missed. This would result in tens of thousands of dollars in expenses and render the whole process useless. 

Hearing about the benefits of implementing digital transformation within the business, the team were set the task of going paperless and introducing automation into their workflows. By freeing up staff time from unnecessary manual tasks, the firm hoped they would be able to reduce the current risks of losing data, stop incurring unnecessary costs, and achieve consistent, seamless results in their output. 

Why Mail Manager?

As most of the team’s time is spent in outlook email, Posz Law needed something that would seamlessly integrate and allow them to work straight from their inbox. Mail Manager allowed the legal firm to incorporate the email and filing process at the source, dramatically reducing the time that staff members spent on admin jumping between emails and storage files. 

Previously, emails had to be saved as text files and then manually saved in folders broken down by client law firm, individual cases by the year, and document type. Mail Manager now allows them to forgo that laborious process by effortlessly filing everything as they go without navigating away from the inbox. It no longer matters how much data is received around a patent or how long ago; any piece of information can be found within just three clicks with Mail Manager’s market-leading search tool.  

Posz Law Group is now looking forward to a boost in productivity. The firm is resting easy with complete visibility over cases, so no more filing dates are missed, and unnecessary costs are a thing of the past! 

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