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Our email management solution for the AEC industries

Ideagen Mail Manager helps Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) firms solve their email headache overnight, giving control of how commercially sensitive correspondence is managed.
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How AEC firms can benefit from better email management


Save time

Save time wasted on searching for information that's buried in emails


Reduce risk

Mitigate risk with a complete audit trail of all correspondence

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Save money

Reduce unnecessary administrative costs with increased staff productivity

Clients we’ve helped

Ideagen Mail Manager for AEC firms


Keep all your business-critical data and information where you can find it! With Ideagen Mail Manager's prompt and predict feature, all your documentation will be up to date, so you can reduce the risk of financial fines, and gain visibility over all critical communications on a project or client. 

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Keep track of and find every detail related to a project or client within three clicks using our industry-leading search tool. You can eliminate time wasted on searching for information that’s stored away in staff’s email inboxes as everyone will have access to the same information instantaneously

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Ideagen Mail Manager is designed to fit in with your existing IT setup meaning you retain and store your own data, and your confidential information is not hosted by Ideagen Mail Manager. We integrate with Outlook and you file to where your business files.

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Customer Success: Ramboll

How Ideagen Mail Manager saved a significant amount of time for staff, especially for their project members and managers - 3 hours per person per week, and improved Ramboll's efficiency and productivity across projects.


Customer Success: Arup

Ideagen Mail Manager was developed by Arup to solve their email headache. Here's how Ideagen Mail Manager helps them find and file information quickly, locate emails years later and keep all correspondence in one centralised location.


Customer Success: Gensler

Ideagen Mail Manager has saved employees 5-hours per week per person in administrative printing, file coding and hard copy filing. Plus, we've enabled Gensler to comply with many QA and statutory standards.

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Big Problems, Small Solution

Find out how Ideagen Mail Manager helped enterprise firms Arup, Gensler, WSP and Ramboll solve their email management headaches.

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The Cost of Poor Email Management

Ideagen Mail Manager ensures everyone in the business is the most organised member of staff, enabling you to defend the firms' actions, and giving each fee earner an average of 2-hours per week back, meaning less time doing admin and more time earning.

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SharePoint for Projects

Project teams often struggle with the ever-increasing volume of documentation and applications to access their information. Here's how you can transform your project information management with SharePoint.

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Engineering Fact Sheet

Ideagen Mail Manager helps engineering firms to be profitable and operate at a lower level of risk across all projects by putting them in control of project correspondence.

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Architecture Fact Sheet

Ideagen Mail Manager helps architects spend more time on the things they love doing and less on the things they don't - admin!

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Construction Fact Sheet

Ideagen Mail Manager makes construction firms more efficient by providing them with three-click access to any email on any project at any time.

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"If you weren't using IdeagenMail Manager's search and were using an inbuilt search it could take you hours, if not days to find a particular email. Ideagen Mail Manager is a priceless asset to us."
David Price
IT Manager
"We calculated that by implementing Ideagen Mail Manager, the weekly savings would be enormous compared to the cost of the software per person per day, making it a 'no brainer' decision to implement."
Monica Parrot
Quality Manager
"Since the AEC market, by nature, is highly litigious, Ideagen Mail Manager also reduces our risk through improved legal compliance. With the enhanced search capabilities we have effectively streamlined our procedure for locating and providing email documentation from a costly and time-consuming project down to a matter of a few minutes. That added security in this industry provides more than just cost savings - it provides peace of mind."
Michael Kenealy
VP and CFO
"Ideagen Mail Manager is an unsung hero, which has saved our bacon numerous times, where we have managed to locate emails quickly as evidence of what the client has said, sometimes years ago."
Steve Burton
Associate Director
T&B contractors
"Ideagen Mail Manager is transforming our business. I can't imagine going back to filing and searching with Outlook again. We have been looking for a simple and quick process for the filing of email, and Ideagen Mail Manager does exactly this."
Mark Hickson
Managing Director
"Good email management is dynamite, and contributes to ensuring we have good and timely records of what has taken place."
Jon Carter
Commercial Director

Benefits for job role

Ideagen Mail Manager benefits everyone in the organisation, from directors all the way to admin assistants.


Business leaders: Directors, CEOs, MDs & Principals

Business leaders: Directors, CEOs, MDs & Principals


IT leaders: CIOs, CTOs, CDOs, Heads of IT & IT Managers

IT leaders: CIOs, CTOs, CDOs, Heads of IT & IT Managers


Project Managers

Project Managers


BIM Managers

BIM Managers


Office Managers

Office Managers

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HR Teams

HR Teams

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Finance Teams

Finance Teams

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QA Managers

QA Managers

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