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Westbound Logistics Services Ltd

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Westbound Logistics Services Ltd

Industry: Logistics

Location: United Kingdom

Website: https://westboundglobal.com/

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Key benefits

  • The search tool helps retrieve critical agreements within seconds.
  • Machine-learning AI learns behaviour and helps staff effortlessly file information.
  • The filing prompt ensures that email data is never lost or misplaced.

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Westbound Logistics Services Ltd is a logistics firm that operates predominately throughout the US, Australia, and China, supplying ocean freight, air freight, road freight, customs formalities, warehousing, fulfilment, and distribution, along with key account management roles for global brands.   

The problem

Westbound uses a bespoke freight system to manage invoices and delivery notes, but email is the primary method of communication.  The company can often have queries open for up to eighteen months, and they will usually need to retrieve binding agreements or attachments from email.  Until recently, they had relied on the search tool in Outlook but have found it almost impossible to find anything past six months. This has resulted in the firm incurring unnecessary costs.  

In addition, the business suffered disruptions from not being able to access important information trapped in inboxes during a staff absence or after an employee had left the company. This would often have a knock-on effect on the business's daily operations.  

Westbound heavily depends on the service they receive from its suppliers, so maintaining strong relationships is paramount to remaining competitive in the market. Understandably disputes and misunderstandings arise, and they need to be dealt with quickly to protect key relationships and Westbound’s reputation.  Before implementing Mail Manager, Westbound had paid out costs due to the inability to locate proof of previous payments hidden in legacy emails. Evaluating their current system and the frequency of these issues, calculating the costs to date and the predicted future costs, Westbound knew they needed to assess their current system and find a solution. The business needed something fast and reliable that would also support the additional data requirements that would result from their continued growth. 

The results

Westbound needed a transparent and collaborative solution where everyone could be kept up to speed on projects and emails without disruptions. With Mail Manager and its AI machine learning capabilities on board, every staff member files correspondence and data effortlessly, and no critical emails are ever missed! The search function means that everyone can retrieve any email or attachment within just three clicks, giving complete visibility to everyone involved in a project and making better decisions as they are always working from the latest data.  Westbound has reduced costs substantially by increasing employee productivity and cutting out unnecessary delays in the supply chain. Most importantly, they can locate critical evidence of payments or agreements made with suppliers to avoid duplicate charges happening in the future.

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