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"You're at risk without Mail Manager. The functionality of the search and the ability to file emails makes life so much easier."

Tim Boulton, Director


Industry: Engineering

Location: Australia

Website: https://www.enstruct.com.au/

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Key benefits
  • Ensures the consistent organisation of information
  • Ease of use, seamlessly within Outlook
  • Powerful search function
1 Bligh Street


enstruct is a specialist structural and civil engineering firm with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, designing and delivering building projects throughout Australia. Formed in 2000, enstruct has delivered landmark projects based on an innovative and pragmatic approach, and thereby built strong alliances with leading players in the Australian Property Industry. 

Tim Boulton, Director at enstruct, shared the decision behind implementing Mail Manager, outlining the email challenges enstruct faced and how Mail Manager solved it.

The problem

enstruct has been a long-term customer of Mail Manager, using the solution for more than 10 years. Tim shared how, before Mail Manager, they used Outlook’s public folders. He described using public folders: "Public folders were very clunky and an inefficient system. Before Mail Manager, filing emails wasn't easy. That meant employees weren't consistently filing emails."

Implementing a solution that standardised the filing of emails across the entire business was, therefore, vital. Tim added: "The system we needed had to be easy to be used, so it meant there were no excuses from staff in failing in the compliance of filing both incoming and outgoing emails."

"If the system isn't simple to use for your employees, then your staff just won't use it."

The results

Tim was relieved to find out how simple Mail Manager is to use. He said: "The ability to have a single repository of all the emails on various projects with incoming and outgoing is critical."

Tim described Mail Manager’s search functionality as one of its most powerful and beneficial features: "The search function is powerful and very convenient when required to find and produce correspondence of critical information."

Tim also discussed the businesses who don’t think they need an email management solution because they already have a Document Management System in place. He said: "You're at risk without Mail Manager. The functionality of the search and the ability to file emails makes life so much easier. Other systems just don’t have the same level of search functions."

Tim’s advice for anyone considering an email management system is that: "It’s all about implementing a robust system that is going to be used by staff. If everyone is going to be using it and you're capturing 100 percent of your incoming and outgoing emails, then it must be simple and seamless. If it's not easy to use, then you won't be able to capture everything."

Tim added: "In my mind, for any organisation that is bigger than half a dozen people, you have to have a system that can be shared organisation-wide, accessible by all, in order to see any and all of your project-related correspondence, both incoming and outgoing. I just don't understand how you can have a QA system otherwise."

"How can you have good document control and allow any of your team members to access relevant information if you don't have a robust and easy to use filing system?"

With Mail Manager being used business-wide and installed on every laptop and desktop at enstruct, Tim summarised the implementation of Mail Manager for new users: "Unlike other, clunky solutions, Mail Manager is literally up and running in 2 minutes. Additionally, it’s a very quick job to get new users trained."

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