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Noise Consultants

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Noise Consultants

Industry: Environmental Services

Location: United Kingdom

Website: https://www.noiseconsultants.co.uk/

Noise Consultants
Key benefits
  • Meeting compliance regulations by using automated filing. 
  • Risky silos have been eradicated and replaced with a transparent central filing location.   
  • Team collaboration has been improved with project updates accessed by all team members in real-time. 
  • Manual filing processes are no longer required giving staff hours of their day back.  


Environmental services firm Noise Consultants were established in 1993 and provide air quality services to private and public sector clients across the globe 

The problem

Staff can often deal with numerous team projects across different time zones. To keep the team updated on progress, they would manually share what they were working on in folders or SharePoint. The firm is legally required to retain information for five years, so in addition, vast amounts of time were spent logging important information and email communications. These would have to be saved in a shared mailbox and various folders that staff had to remember to manually drag and drop to.  

Data soon began to be spread throughout the business. It became apparent that this very complex data management system was not sustainable and fostered the growth of data silos within the company. The team was spending a growing amount of time managing their emails rather than on the actual projects themselves. With productivity suffering, they knew they needed an easier way to do things. The firm required an email and data management system that improved workflow efficiency and aided visibility and collaboration across projects. 

Why Mail Manager?

Mail Manager instantly removed the need for the previous clunky filing systems that Noise Consultants relied on. Emails and essential project correspondence are now automatically filed directly to SharePoint, providing instant access to all those involved in a project as developments happen. Silos have been eroded, and the company can effortlessly meet their compliance requirements and produce any requested documentation within seconds. 

Through automation, Mail Manager has removed the productivity drains that Noise Consultants suffered. The team can now focus on what they do best, with the freedom to take on extra projects and continue its expansion around the world. 

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