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Email Management for SMEs

Designed for firms from 5-100 employees

In business, there is such a thing as a reoccurring and acknowledged problem which we haven’t got round to addressing. It’s really challenging for SMEs looking to invest in technology improvements,  who don’t necessarily have the same business support functions as a larger company. Arguably the biggest hurdle for SMEs looking to invest in business improvement initiatives, is the vast majority of systems represent:

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Functionality they wouldn’t use

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Involve too much disruption


Are cost prohibitive

The challenges faced by smaller firms are as great as any other, in that their staff can be:

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Drowning under the volume of email


Just as less likely to file commercially sensitive information


Spending valuable time on administration tasks searching for information, particularly fee earners

What’s worse is a dispute has the potential to have a devastating effect on a small business, and we know the value of strong and available evidence for difficult conversations around project scope, agreements, and variations, to name but a few of the things we all have to regularly rely on.

How is Mail Manager different for SMEs?


Rapid deployment, up and running in 90 minutes compared to longer change management initiatives


Cost-effective solution

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Able to integrate with your existing platform

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How is Project Management changing now we’re all over the place?

Case Study

Helping RPA Group manage their project emails


Benefits of using Mail Manager for SMEs

Case Study

How Mail Manager helped Ben Cunliffe Architects

“It saves around 10 to 20% of staff time, improving efficiency from staff looking into emails, which means they can now respond on the call instead of having to search for information and get back later on, allowing the ability to work very quickly over the phone.”
Geoff Claughton
Managing Director
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“We simply would have lacked the proper email audit trail needed to achieve ISO 9001 accreditation without Mail Manager.”
Jamie Seabrook
IT Manager
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"Nothing really did what we wanted, until someone mentioned Mail Manager. When we tried it, it fitted all our criteria. Although we often treat emails as informal, emails are a formal solution that need to be treated as such.”
Justin Saunders
Senior Consultant

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