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Our email management solution for the renewables and environmental industries

Ideagen Mail Manager helps renewable energy and environmental services firms solve their email headache overnight, giving control over how project correspondence is managed and shared.
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How renewables and environmental firms can benefit from better email management


Save time

Save time wasted on searching for information that's buried in emails


Reduce risk

Mitigate risk with a complete audit trail of all correspondence


Save money

Reduce unnecessary administrative costs with increased staff productivity

Clients we’ve helped

Ideagen Mail Manager for renewables and environmental services firms


Keep all your business-critical data and information where you can find it! With Ideagen Mail Manager's prompt and predict feature, all your documentation will be up to date, so you can reduce the risk of financial fines, and gain visibility over all critical communications on a project or client. 

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Keep track of and find every detail related to a project or client within three clicks using our industry-leading search tool.  You can eliminate time wasted on searching for information that’s stored away in staff’s email inboxes as everyone will have access to the same information instantaneously

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Ideagen Mail Manager is designed to fit in with your existing IT setup meaning you retain and store your own data, and your confidential information is not hosted by Ideagen Mail Manager. We integrate with Outlook and you file to where your business files.

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Customer Success

How Ideagen Mail Manager helped Brighter Green Engineering unify all their business communication into one central location.

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Fact Sheet

Ideagen Mail Manager helps renewables and environmental services firms mitigate risk and find the information they need when they need it.

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Unifying Your Information

Unmanaged files like emails and team chats can quickly become a chaotic and risky burden for consultancy firms. Here's why you need a Single Source of Truth.

"Ideagen Mail Manager basically organises your communication in a centralised location. Being disciplined about how people manage their emails is key for me as a business manager, and I think it's a vital element to having a successful business."
Mark Larson
Managing Director

Benefits by job role and departments

Ideagen Mail Manager benefits everyone in the organisation, from directors all the way to admin assistants.

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Business leaders: Directors, CEOs, MDs & Principals

Business leaders: Directors, CEOs, MDs & Principals

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IT leaders: CIOs, CTOs, CDOs, Heads of IT & IT Managers

IT leaders: CIOs, CTOs, CDOs, Heads of IT & IT Managers

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Project Managers

Project Managers

MM - Job roles-V1_05 - Office Manager-1

Office Managers

Office Managers

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HR Teams

HR Teams

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Finance Teams

Finance Teams

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QA Manager

QA Manager

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