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Nye Saunders logo

Nye Saunders

Before Mail Manager,  the team at Nye Saunders would often have a backlog of hundreds if not thousands of emails that needed filing, which could take hours. What Nye Saunders needed was a way to take control of this administrative task automatically and efficiently.



When Cornelsen came across Mail Manager, they finally found what the business needed. They liked that Arup had developed Mail Manager to solve a similar headache for themselves around managing projects and emails, and retrieving historic emails instantly.

Westbound Logistics Services Logo-3

Westbound Logistics

Westbound Logistics made the decision to implement Mail Manager into their business to help them manage communications with suppliers and clients. They recognised the need for a tool that would help them be able to retrieve legacy email and agreements instantly.


Olvera Advisors

Olvera Advisors made the decision to implement Mail Manager in the very early stages of their business. They recognised the need for a tool that would help them take control of their emails, and meet their industry's highly-regulated document management and retrieval obligations.


BKSK Architects

Prior to Mail Manager, BSKS used Mac hardware with a competitor software, but they weren't getting the functionality they needed. With Mail Manager, they have all 45 staff filing their emails across the business, and claim Mail Manager is "the best thing since sliced bread"!

Sands Consultants

Sands Consultants

Prior to Mail Manager, Sands Consultants had an issue with the way emails were filed and saved. But now, they've been able to de-duplicate their information, and emails are being saved correctly, helping them save tens of thousands of pounds in potential insurance claims.


Architecture & Access

Architecture & Access were using a project management system for their emails which had no interface within Outlook, meaning staff rarely filed emails. Now, emails are being filed seamlessly and anyone in the business can easily get up-to-date project information.

Enstruct-logo 500x89


enstruct used Outlook public folders to file emails, which was a clunky and inefficient system. Mail Manager was the solution that standardised the filing of emails across the entire business, ensuring a consistent organisation of information.


Health Service Executive

Health Service Executive was struggling to manage the mass amounts of emails and access information stored in silos. Mail Manager enabled them to quickly retrieve critical information and correspondence, as well as reduce risk.

baam logo

BAAM Consulting

BAAM Consulting recognised the need to file emails, but it required a lot of time and effort. With Mail Manager, it became easy to file and search information, and it was the only solution that truly solved their needs.


Brighter Green Engineering

Brighter Green Engineering needed help managing emails and ensuring all information was filed correctly. Mail Manager enabled the fast search, retrieval, and filing of project emails into centralised team folders.


Sanderson Weatherall

Sanderson Weatherall needed to move to a digital office. They were spending a considerable amount of money on off-site storage to keep all documents and having difficulties accessing that information. Mail Manager changed the whole scenario for them, bringing many different benefits.


MJ Dixon

MJ Dixon was facing a challenge with information and ensuring safety across the business. Mail Manager allowed them to properly store all information and have easy access whenever needed.



BarTax had a great amount of data stored in each Outlook, creating issues to use computers and simple tasks such as accessing emails. Mail Manager not only allowed them to sort that issue, but also improved their client service and reduced risk.

azets logo


Azets was facing email accessibility issues when someone went on holiday or left the company. Mail Manager made all information accessible in seconds, and also tackled organisation issues, creating consistency.

robinson hall logo

Robinson and Hall

Robinson and Hall needed to transition to a paperless office and to make information available for all. Mail Manager allowed them to have a smooth transition in an organized and simple way.

btp logo

BTP Architects

BTP Architects recognized the need to file emails, but it required a lot of time and effort. With Mail Manager made it easy to file and search information, was the only solution that truly solved their needs.

Hefferlin + Kronenberg Architects logo HK

Hefferlin + Kronenberg Architects

HK Architects was drowning in unfiled emails. They had implemented an internal process to archive emails that wasn't working. Mail Manager made it possible to have a new default, where everyone files their emails.

CSDG logo black


CSDG had tried previous software to manage emails, but it wasn't cost-effective and didn't meet their needs. Mail Manager was the perfect solution for CSDG and helped them to get control over their project information.


GVK-Siya Zama Construction

GVK-Siya Zama Construction was struggling with the high influx of information and managing all that information. With Mail Manager, they were able to improve efficiency and saved significant amounts of time filing away the mass amounts of information generated. 

M. J. Harris Construction Services, LLC

M. J. Harris Construction Services, LLC

M. J. Harris Construction Services, LLC was facing a challenge with a lack of visible information and emails not being filed. Mail Manager was the perfect tool that met all of their needs and is now essential to the company.

levy real estate logo

Levy Real Estate

Levy Real Estate had all information spread across the business, inaccessible and generating performance issues. Mail Manager made information properly stored in a secure central location, in a simple and searchable way.

LiRO Group

LiRo Group

LiRo Group needed to manage their emails, and with the sheer volume, it was very time-consuming. Mail Manager not only allowed them to resolve this but became one of the most important pieces of software they use.


Enspire Solutions

Enspire’s project-based correspondence was
being held back by the lack of search functionality within Microsoft Outlook. Mail Manager has enabled project visibility across the entire team.


Enjoy Design

Enjoy Design needed a solution to guarantee all employees had access to the projects, regardless of being since the beginning or copied in an email. Mail Manager has improved efficiency in the company and simplified email archiving.


Ben Cunliffe Architects

Ben Cunliffe Architects needed to save time for all staff and provide better access to all important project information. Mail Manager has improved business efficiency by creating easy access to each project in a faster way.


Guildprime Specialist Contracts Ltd.

Guildprime Specialist Contracts needed to futureproof their business against legal issues. Mail Manager enabled quick and easy email search in one centralised location.


Caruso St John Architects

Caruso St John needs access to emails and attachments on all projects and from all employees. Mail Manager enables this and files all emails to local storage, on an exchange server, in-house.



WSP needs to find information within their emails fast. Mail Manager helps WSP increase business efficiency as they can spend more time on real work, and improves project visibility by capturing both sides of the conversation.


Oswald Professional Engineers

Oswald Professional Engineers has used Mail Manager since its inception as information management has been a key initiative. They benefit from being able to store all project information in one place, to use collectively as a company.


IKM Consulting

IKM consulting had no way to consistently manage email, resulting in inefficiencies and project risk. Mail Manager helped them take control of the vast amount of incoming and outgoing emails, structuring the way email was managed.



Ramboll was overwhelmed with important project information. They needed to implement an email management tool fast. Mail Manager has hugely improved Ramboll’s efficiency and productivity across its projects.


Offshore Design Engineering

Offshore Design Engineering needed an email solution to help them connect remote offices and different departments. Mail Manager ensures transparency across the business and helps their teams to work more productively on projects.



Peerutin Architects were struggling to find historic project information so they implemented Mail Manager. They were able to quickly save fee-earners time, improve project visibility and mitigate against the risk of losing sensitive information.



Arup realised when queries or disputes arise, often quite urgently, their audit process and daily working process were not sufficient. Using Mail Manager has enabled all client information to be stored in one centrally located place, making it easier to access.


RPA Group

RPA was struggling with commercially sensitive email information and correspondence being locked in individual inboxes, as well as escalating email storage costs. Mail Manager has enabled them to reduce storage costs and, critically, save time when looking for important project information.


Ardent Consulting Engineers

Emails were left sitting in individuals in-boxes and couldn’t be accessed by the wider project team. Using Mail Manager has ensured consistent filing of emails into one central location with minimal effort and complying with QA requirements.



Austin-Smith:Lord were overwhelmed with information. They implemented Mail Manager to align their projects and found it to be a priceless asset with the email search feature saving 4 hours per person per week.


Nitsch Engineering

Nitsch Engineering needed to reduce their email storage and centralise their emails. After reviewing several options, Mail Manager was chosen. This has centralised their emails, eliminated hours of time in e-discovery from both a user and an IT perspective and saved them $10,000 in storage space costs.



The volume of collective emails for the size of Gensler’s operation quickly became a storage issue. In order to maintain acceptable data levels, Gensler set an inbox limit of 250Mb. Mail Manager helped reduce storage levels as all emails were organised into an effective, shared document management system.

john mccall architects

John McCall Architects

As part of John McCall's ISO 9001, they realised record-keeping was critical and decided to invest in Mail Manager. This has provided good security, and the ability to archive every project into a single package, providing the comfort that emails are easily located.


Cole Engineering Group Ltd.

Cole Engineering was concerned about responding to e-discovery requests due to the volume of emails locked in individual inboxes. Mail Manager is now used consistently across the entire business by all teams and has paid for itself within a few months based on time-saving & efficiency gains.


Lilly Architects

Lilly Architects are always looking for the best and most efficient technologies that are out there for them to be able to deliver their projects, and they still haven’t found anything that distinguishes itself beyond what Mail Manager is doing.

jnp logo

JNP Group

JNP Group looked to Mail Manager to help them stay cyber secure and save engineers many hours per week. Jamie Seabrook, IT Manager says, "We simply would have lacked the proper email audit trail needed to achieve ISO 9001 accreditation without Mail Manager".


Terra Engineers

Terra needed help managing emails and team communications better within their firm. Mail Manager allowed for expedited search, retrieval, and filing of project emails into centralised shared team folders throughout the daily routine of checking and sending emails.

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