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The cost of improper email management for Directors

How we help Directors and business leaders

Directors and business leaders want to deliver profitable work, mitigate risk and ensure information is accessible across the business. A leader's worst nightmare is having to have an awkward conversation without the relevant information to hand.


Mail Manager ensures everyone in the business is the most organised member of staff, ultimately providing you with peace of mind. Mail Manager enables staff to defend the firms' actions, as well as gives each fee earner an average of 2-hours per week back, meaning less time doing admin and more time earning.


The cost of improper email management

and how you can ease the burden



Directors and business leaders will have the ability to produce all emails across any single project or client in three clicks.


Empowers better and more informed decision-making as Directors and business leaders can ensure consistent and complete record keeping and document management within their teams.


Gives the ability to reduce the amount of time spent filing and looking for information, ensuring you always have the relevant information to hand.

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What Directors say about Mail Manager

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The Real Cost of Losing an Email

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