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“We calculated that by implementing Mail Manager, the weekly savings would be enormous compared to the cost of the software per person per day making it a 'no brainer' decision to implement.”

Monica Parrot, Quality Manager

Gensler Architects

Industry: Architects

Company Size: +6000 Employees

Location: United States

Market: Global

Website: www.gensler.com

Key benefits
  • Mail Manager has saved 5 hours per week per person in administrative printing, file coding and hard copy filing
  • Mail Manager has saved 275 hours per week for project printing, file coding and hard copy filing by the 180 participants using Mail Manager
  • Mail Manager has enabled Gensler to comply with many quality assurance and statutory standards


Gensler is an architecture and design firm with over 6,000 employees across 48 locations globally. In 2018, Gensler generated $1.232 billion in revenue, the most of any architecture firm in the United States.

Designing everything from office furniture to major sports stadiums with over 10,000 projects in 2,500 cities, and 80+ different languages, there’s a huge volume of vital data they have to handle through email.

At Gensler, it's of paramount importance that global teams synchronise their efforts on projects that span many offices, offsite job locations and 3rd parties including outside agencies and clients. Many of the team members have demanding schedules and are travelling regularly.

It's crucial that Gensler manage’s projects quickly and efficiently and that all relevant information is available to the entire team in real time. Email is the backbone of most of this work.



As in most businesses, Gensler's email tended to stay in individual's inboxes. Some people organised messages into Outlook subfolders, others never had time to maintain a filing protocol and just relied on time consuming search options to retrieve vital past correspondence buried amongst thousands of emails.

As Gensler's mailboxes grew, the volume of collective emails for the size of Gensler’s operation quickly became a storage issue as well. To maintain acceptable levels of data on its Exchange Server, Gensler set an inbox limit of 250Mb.

These email management issues were causing such damage to productivity that it was hitting the bottom line. That's when those at board level at Gensler started to take note.

As Ken Sanders, CIO of Gensler rightly says “Email has become an essential form of business to business communication and leaving emails that often contain critical project information in separate Outlook inboxes is equivalent to leaving letters piled up on desks.”

Gensler knew they had a huge problem and looked to investigate document management systems for emails that allowed employees to have access to all project specific emails and attachments without exceeding the inbox limit.


After assessing many products and engaging in an extensive trial involving 200 staff, Mail Manager stood out to Gensler as the best tool on the market.

Built by Arup, a well-respected engineering firm that Gensler had worked with many times, Gensler saw Mail Manager as a safe pair of hands to handle their storage and email management needs.

The Solution

Mail Manager integrates with Outlook to help Gensler employees file, find and share emails quickly and intuitively. Within the usual routine of checking emails, Mail Manager helps individual users designate filing destinations for each email as they are opened or sent.

When their team files multiple duplications of one email to the same designated shared team folder, Mail Manager automatically eliminates copies of duplicate emails to minimise storage space and redundancy.

Additionally, Mail Manager helps organisations adhere to Quality Assurance processes and treat emails with the same care afforded to important documents while reducing costs and time related to e-discovery.

Considering the size and scope of Gensler operations, Mail Manager was an easy to manage platform that did not require any intense user training, dedicated servers or additional hardware.

Mail Manager also met the needs of offsite workers with a compatible mobile application, which allowed field workers and travelling team members to use the tools remotely, even while offline, and sync immediately to the most up to date file-sharing once connected.


Gensler made an initial purchase of 200 Mail Manager licenses but have since purchased it for their entire company. Their return on the investment has been significant.

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