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Unifying Your Information

The need for a single source of truth

In project and client-based businesses, unmanaged files such as emails and Teams chats can quickly become a chaotic and risky burden on your organisation. You need a single place where all your project and client information is stored, where you can see the complete picture of any given project you're working on. What you really need is a Single Source of Truth.

What is a Single Source of Truth, and how can you benefit from one?

Unifying Your Information: The Need for a Single Source of Truth

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The first step to creating a Single Source of Truth is to ensure that all project and client information is easily discoverable as and when you need it. And, given the vast majority of correspondence is stored within email systems, from project agreements and scope changes to complaints and contracts, it makes sense to establish email as the foundation of a Single Source of Truth.



Unifying your information

The need for a Single Source of Truth

There is no doubt about it: filing, storing, managing and protecting millions of documents and data files - created and shared by everyone in your business - is no easy task. You need a Single Source of Truth.



Making the Golden Thread

A legal part of an Architect's role

Jerry Tate chats with Mail Manager about the golden thread, covering why it needs to be a legal part of an architects role, the benefits and implications, and more.



The ROI of Better Email Management

As with implementing any software, businesses want to know what return of investment (ROI) they can expect. If you want to either see the potential ROI from better email management, then this guide is for you.

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