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IT Leaders

How we help IT Leaders

The modern technology landscape and working world has meant that organisations globally have had to adopt digital transformation initiatives rapidly, and these changing work practices often fall onto the shoulders of IT leaders. And, one thing we've noticed often falls onto the back burner is email management.


Businesses are usually quick to accept that their email inboxes will always be a mess, and that it's inevitable they will lose vital information, but it doesn't have to be this way.


How to implement an email management solution

Save yourself time, money and get your team filing information painlessly



Staff will be able to produce all emails across any single project or client in three clicks, reducing the IT burden.


Allows greater control over cybersecurity, data discovery, data privacy, data regulation, data visibility and shadow IT.


Allows you to take control of your email and makes managing your email data an easy win.

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What IT leaders say about Mail Manager-CUT

What IT Leaders say about Mail Manager

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The IT Leader's Ultimate Guide to Email Management

IT Leader's ultimate guide to email management

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Why email is an easy win for your business

Why email is an easy win for your business

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