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There's a growing communication chasm between PMOs and their senior executive teams. Executives, directors and stakeholders are continually frustrated when they're not kept in the loop or don't know the status of a project, and PMOs are under pressure to deliver. 


Mail Manager provides PMOs with better collaboration across the team, turning your inbox into a prioritised to-do list, helping you gain clarity over what was agreed and when, as well as empowering you to be the most organised Project Manager.


Closing the communication chasm

A growing communication chasm is having a negative impact on the relationship between the PMO community and their executive teams. Here's how to fix it.



Reduces risk as the Project Manager has a record of what has been agreed and what has happened, as well as who agreed it and why it has been agreed.


Empowers better and more informed decision-making as Project Managers have all of the information they need.


Helps Project Managers stay organised and on top of critical correspondence and information in the digital age. 

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