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Keeping up with demand: Doing more with less

Speakers: Nidaa Alazmeh

Video Length: 53:53
Minimising the upheaval and disruption caused by staff leaving the business, in terms of the sensitive information left in their inbox which you never know when you might need.
Learning to live without administration support for email & file management.
Reducing the amount of overhead time spent by fee earners on filing and searching for correspondence
Being able to address disputes and awkward conversations quicker by having access to all of the evidence available on every project.

Bringing law and order to the information management wild west

Speakers: Jacob Wardrop

Video Length: 46:46
The types of information filers in every business
The risks of unmanaged, unstructured data
What needs to be included in all-encompassing record management
How AI and behavioural learning ensures access to the right information to improve information visibility and decision-making

Avoiding project nightmares: What's important when projects go wrong

Speakers: Vicki Reynolds

Video Length: 55:55
How integrating email into your project management helps mitigate project risk, close the communication loop, save time, deal with employees leaving, and connect site teams to your back office
How to better understand, predict, and rectify issues before they become problems
How Gensler, Ramboll, Arup and Skanska are making email a powerful ally in disputes and enabling project teams to do more with less

Digital Risk: How to be risk ready and win disputes

Speakers: Paul Wilkinson, Rob Horne, May Winfield, Vicki Reynolds and Graham Brown

Video Length: 01:06:43
The current state of global disputes. Why are they happening?
What does a good audit trail look like versus a poor one?
Looking to the future - what are the practical steps we can take to avoid disputes?
What can companies do now to get their house in order before disputes happen?
What can someone do today if they have a project on and are worried they might have a dispute in the next 12 months?

'Microsoft Teams' and the new way of work

Speaker: Toby Chisnall

Video Length: 01:07:49
What system's have to offer
Top tips to the best way to use Teams
Guidance around what can be added to the platform
How you can integrate email with Teams

Helping project teams survive and thrive through risk ready email management

Video Length: 01:06:48
How the site manager can make informed decisions and be aware of what is going on without being sat at their desk
How companies are coming out of this uncertain time stronger, through having better processes and systems in place for tracking the correspondence on projects
The role of e-mail in projects in information visibility
And case examples of badly done processes that resulted in increased levels of risk and lower levels of productivity

When projects go wrong: Project horror stories

Speaker: Sarah Fox

Video Length: 43:52
Project horror stories: What is important when a project goes wrong
Contract best practices and the hidden dangers associated with poor email management.
Real-life examples of poor email management and the impact this can have on your business.
The mistakes to avoid to better protect yourself.

Dispute avoidance & management: What happens when projects go wrong?

Speaker: Rob Horne

Video Length: 1:01:13
The state of play for UK projects and disputes.
Dispute avoidance & management: Rob provides detailed strategic advice on dispute avoidance and management in relation to projects in the UK.
What role does email play in dispute avoidance and resolution.
Q&A with our panel.

The role of email in preventing disputes

Video Length: 43:15
The pitfalls companies fall into when it comes to disputes
How some businesses are reducing their risk exposure and preventing disputes
The impact of disputes done badly
How email management can help avoid and win legal disputes
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Dispute avoidance & management: What happens when projects go wrong? (North America)

Video Length: 42:56
The state of play for projects and disputes in North America.
Dispute avoidance & management - best practice.
What role does email play in dispute avoidance and resolution.
Q&A with our panel.