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Our email management solution for the Property industry

Mail Manager helps property firms solve their email headache overnight, giving control of how commercially sensitive correspondence is managed.
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How Mail Manager helps the Property industry

Mail Manager allows you to search through millions of indexed emails across your business in less than 2 seconds, meaning mitigated risk, better productivity, and advanced email filing using our AI-powered platform.



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Have a full audit trail of correspondence



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Case Study

Helping Levy Real Estate manage their project emails


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Unmanaged email

What does unmanaged email look like?

"The property industry is made up of lots of different divisions, such as residential, rural, commercial, investment management and property management. They all work in different ways and systems, split over different offices and locations, and, when it comes to email management, everyone has their own way of filing information. That means there is very little standardisation across the industry, making compliance difficult. Better email management reduces the need for shared mailboxes, removes barriers to accessing relevant project information, and enables teams to better keep track of multiple projects."
Nick Bullock
Associate Director, IT Operations
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It’s essential, now more than ever thanks to GDPR which will mean we need to be able to filter a massive catalogue of emails and manage/delete those old records. Without a filing system, finding and then filtering would be impossible. And Mail Manager is relatively simple to use and affordable bolt-on to Outlook, enabling quick filing and retrieval of emails.
Howard Mawson
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“We went from having an unorganised situation with people filing in an undisciplined manager, to having all of our information properly stored in a secure central location. Another big change was the ease with which we were able to discover information. Staff no longer had to ask a colleague or call in the IT team to rescue the project details or email that they needed.”
Gary Barlow

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