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Our email management solution for Professional Services firms

Mail Manager helps Professional Services firms, including Legal practices and Consultancy firms, solve their email management headache overnight by providing control of how commercially sensitive correspondence is managed.
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How Mail Manager helps Professional Services firms

Mail Manager allows you to search through millions of indexed emails across your business in less than 2 seconds, meaning mitigated risk, better productivity, and advanced email filing using our AI-powered platform.



Get time back by seeing every conversation



Have a full audit trail of correspondence



Increase the utilisation of staff


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Why is email management important for Financial Services firms?

"I found that the cash savings on storage space more than paid for the cost of Mail Manager. I was also impressed with Mail Manager’s competitive price and the fact that it has also helped them transition from excessive paperwork and files towards a paperless office."
Russell Abrahams
Senior Partner
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“Mail Manager supports our stringent confidentiality with client emails and files. It really helped with saving time, completing my timesheets and manage my day-to-day. I believe we might be underusing Mail Manager, but using it in a simple way makes the day-to-day easier with the filing function.”
Dan Nixon
Head of Transaction Services, Corporate Finance

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