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Email Management for the Engineering Industry

Mail Manager helps engineering firms to be profitable and operate at a lower level of risk across all projects by putting them in control of project correspondence.

How Mail Manager helps the Engineering industry

Mail Manager allows you to search through millions of indexed emails across your business in less than 2 seconds, meaning mitigated risk, better productivity, and advanced email filing using our AI-powered platform.



Get time back by seeing every conversation



Have a full audit trail of correspondence



Increase the utilisation of staff


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Helping Ardent manage their project emails


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Unmanaged email

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“Mail Manager is a great tool that simplifies the process of saving and finding emails. When I need to find an email, I always use Mail Manager.”
Nick Karakis P. Eng
Senior Project Manager
Cole Engineering Group
“Since the AEC market, by nature, is highly litigious, Mail Manager also reduces our risk through improved legal compliance. With the enhanced search capabilities we have effectively streamlined our procedure for locating and providing email documentation from a costly and time-consuming project down to a matter of a few minutes. That added security in this industry provides more than just cost savings – it provides peace of mind.”
Michael Kenealy
VP and CFO
Nitsch Engineering
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"We simply would have lacked the proper email audit trail needed to achieve ISO 9001 accreditation without Mail Manager."
Jamie Seabrook
IT Manager
JNP Group Consulting Engineers
"Mail Manager is an unsung hero, which has saved our bacon numerous times, where we have managed to locate emails quickly as evidence of what the client has said, sometimes years ago."
Steve Burton
Associate Director
Ardent Consulting Engineers

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