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"Having tested Mail Manager across the practice we decided that it provides a simple, robust and effective means of dealing with email."

 Colin Usher, Director

John McCall Architects

Industry: Architects

Location: United Kingdom


Key benefits
  • Good security
  • The ability to back up and archive projects with all data included in a single package
  • The comfort that the email messages are easily found


John McCall Architects have enjoyed over 25 years of design-focused architectural work. They have been involved in providing a wide range of architectural design solutions in the North West of England, which includes; Social Housing, Area & Urban Regeneration, Private houses, Community Buildings, Interior Design work and Office refurbishment, new Churches and community facilities.

Like most architectural practices, email is used extensively on all projects as the preferred method of written communication. This brings with it a number of issues when a project can have hundreds or even thousands of emails relating to it.


Why Mail Manager?

"For some time we have been very aware that email is both a critical communication medium and record-keeping problem. A couple of years ago we decided that we needed to have a better way of keeping email in a job-based filing system. We used MS Outlook Public Folders to do this in the first instance, but this was never considered to be a satisfactory solution. As part of our ISO 9001 QA research, we recognised that it is very difficult to manage email and to ensure that copies of all critical email are actually stored correctly. Along with this, multiple copies of emails were being stored, which makes the finding of email a bit more complicated when searching back for historical documents.

We worked with the University of Salford in a Knowledge Transfer Partnership which is designed to apply Lean Process management principles to the working of the practice. As part of this, we looked at rationalising the way that we deal with email communications. We looked at several different options, most of which seemed to provide solutions that were over-complex. Having tested Mail Manager across the practice we decided that it provides a simple, robust and effective means of dealing with email. The files become part of the project data, stored on the NAS drive data server."

Colin Usher, Director - John McCall Architects

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