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JNP Group

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“We simply would have lacked the proper email audit trail needed to achieve ISO 9001 accreditation without Mail Manager.”

Jamie Seabrook, IT Manager

JNP Group Consulting Engineers

Industry: Consulting Engineers

Location: United Kingdom

Website: www.jnpgroup.co.uk

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Key benefits
  • Effective filing and searching of email
  • Secure filing enabled JNP to stay cyber secure 
  • Easily comply with the latest GDPR legislation


JNP Group Consulting Engineers provide a multidisciplinary service of Civil Engineers, Structural Engineers, Geo-environmental Engineers, Transport Engineers & Planners, and Flood Risk Engineers to the construction and rail industry. JNP Group Consulting Engineers have the expertise to deliver cost-effective and innovative engineering industry solutions.


JNP was looking for a system that was clever enough to automatically file emails to the right project folders in their local server. Employees were running out of email storage space but were reluctant to let go of any emails because of the importance and value of the information within them. Most importantly, engineers that cost approximately £100 an hour were spending several hours a week filing and searching for emails. Typically engineers were getting more than 70 emails a day. ‘Their inboxes were exploding' commented Jamie Seabrook, IT Manager at JNP Group.

Searching for a solution

When Jamie found Mail Manager in 2006, he immediately signed up for our free 30-day trial. He said it was the perfect way to test out the solution to try to solve these burning issues.

One aspect of the trial JNP particularly liked was that they had enough time to thoroughly test the software to see how it would fit within their internal systems. The trial gave them full functionality and did not stamp watermarks on their files.

After the 30 days, it returned all the information to its original state. There were no annoying issues uninstalling Mail Manager.

Jamie said in all his 20 years working in IT, he had never come across such a compelling free trial. In addition, when they decided this was the best solution for them, Jamie was delighted that Mail Manager was ‘not stupidly expensive'.

Decision Process

Jamie is a well-respected member of the team, who has a great deal of autonomy making decisions. One of his key objectives is to implement technology that will yield a robust return on investment.

He saw this very quickly with Mail Manager. After running it by his board of directors for approval, he initially tried it out with a small team of engineers. The test ran smoothly, so they immediately rolled it out across the company. The rest, as they say, is history.

Mail Manager has been a core part of JNP's information and communication strategy for over 12 years now, and they continue to use it all day, every day.

Unexpected Results

At the outset, JNP wanted Mail Manager to provide more effective filing and searching of email, but over time it has solved many other problems that the company had not anticipated.

  • JNP introduced Office 365 which works seamlessly with Mail Manager.
  • The secure filing has enabled JNP to easily stay cyber secure and comply with the latest GDPR legislation.
  • It has enabled them to pass their ISO 9001 accreditation.

JNP takes its ISO accreditation very seriously since it provides its clients with added confidence and helps them meet the health and safety requirements and the environmental conditions of their regulators.

JNP has an extensive audit carried out each year. Jamie told us that JNP would not have been able to pass their last ISO 9001 certification without Mail Manager. ‘We simply would have lacked the proper email audit trail we needed’ he said.

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